Awaken Your Heart|Power|Freedom

Dissolve limiting beliefs, discover your true strength, calling and purpose through the ancient power of breath.

Increased Clarity

Gain supreme clarity on your true purpose in life in order to realize your full potential

Trust in Yourself

Gain confidence in yourself by letting go of limiting beliefs and shifting your current paradigm

Higher Energy

Expand your energy by connecting with your inner wisdom and releasing old habits that no longer serve you.



In this fast modern world, it is increasingly more difficult to know who we are and what we really want.

Have you ever felt the pressure to fulfill the expectations of your parents, teachers or the community you live in?

Are you trying to fit into social norms and conform with a traditional lifestyle, only to find out that you are not being true to yourself?

Perhaps you have followed the traditional path of education and found a good paying job just because it was expected of you. You settled down, got married and have the most wonderful children you can think of. From the outside, nothing is lacking in your life and you are envied by many. Yet you feel:

  • Bored with your job and life in general
  • Depressed and anxious
  • Fall into addiction and self destructive behavior
  • Tired, exhausted and overwhelmed with life
  • Disconnected from yourself and society
  • Nothing is really is satisfying your hunger



Happiness is always around the next corner, the next possession, the next distraction. You are not living your life, you are just waiting, until  the circumstances are just right. Waiting until you have saved enough money  to finally live the life you want.

You feel like something substantial is lacking in your life and hear a voice within calling. But you are still too scared to give up everything and step into the unknown.

The voice in your head is getting louder and louder. What is it saying? You want to break free from all forms of social conditioning and step into your power? You want to use your strength to support others, be of service and make a difference? It is time for a change.

This is exactly how I felt. I had all the comfort and possessions I ever wanted.

I had job security, a great paycheck and was living in a golden cage. Yet, I did not feel alive, I was just waiting to die. Out of curiosity and the urge to escape from this reality I joined an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru. This ceremony flooded me with a love that cannot be explained with words, the pure joy of being alive. It completely changed the way I saw reality and showed me that there is more to this life than what the material world has to offer. The journey that followed led me directly to breathwork. Breathwork helped me to connect with the power within, and showed me my next steps.

    “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” 

    – Plato –

    Transforming lives

    one breath at a time

    The moment I started  breathwork for the first time, I realized that we are capable of doing so much more than we could ever dream of. I was completely blown away by the experience.

    My first breathwork experience was just as powerful as many of my psychedelic experiences, those experiences that radically changed my view on the nature of reality and transformed my life.

    There is so much more to life than what is generally believed to be true in our society.

    I was able to experience a deep state of consciousness, with the power of breath and heart opening music.

    With the continued use of breathwork, I was able to see where I was stuck in life, what my limiting beliefs were and how they were holding me back. I realized how my lack of responsibility for my own life and victim mentality was the only thing that was standing in my way.



      If you are ready to…

      • Make a drastic change in lifestyle
      • Start trusting yourself and follow your heart
      • Rise to your power and truly be yourself
      • Stop complying with what you think society expects you to do
      • Live a life with abundance and fulfillment
      • Stop resisting and start accepting
      • And Experience lasting joy

      Then exploring the transformational world of breathwork could be for you.

      Since I became a breathwork facilitator I have seen many people around the world  make a lasting change in their life, unlocking their true potential and following their heart.

      Follow me on your journey and see what breathwork can do for you, the time is now.





      For your convenience I offer Private breathwork either in person or online
      Intimacy, personal attention, deeper support

      1-1 breathwork sessions are an intimate and powerful experience where you are guided to access deep inner states, shift old energy and transform your mind. These sessions can be facilitated in person or online.



      Online group breathwork ceremonies can be extremely powerful and the sharing circle at the end helps integrate one's own experience.

      Online group breathwork is a powerful way to experience healing and real-time transformation. Sharing after the ceremony with the other breathers helps integrate and ground your experience. 



      Online group breathwork ceremonies can be extremely powerful and the sharing circle at the end helps integrate one's own experience.

      Online group breathwork is a powerful way to experience healing and real-time transformation. Sharing after the ceremony with the other breathers helps integrate and ground your experience. 

      Once a week, online group sessions at the same time

      WHO AM I?


      I grew up in Germany and had a happy childhood where nothing was missing as far as I remember. I studied electrical engineering, because I thought you could make good money with that profession and lost complete interest in the subject during college. I lived in Indonesia where I developed a burning desire to travel the world.

      But again, I followed the path of money and started working for my family’s business, lived in Estonia for a while and finally moved to North Carolina.

      The pay was great, the job did not fulfill me, nor did I find any connection in the community.

      After feeling depressed, anxious and empty inside, I picked up self destructive behaviors, and ended up severely abusing opiates for almost 8 years. I realized there was something missing in my life. Something that money couldn’t buy.

      Changing my surroundings, or my outer world, adding material things and traveling to 47 countries around the world did not result in any lasting change.

      There was inner emptiness and lack of purpose, a feeling of being disconnected and misaligned.


      • My breathwork sessions with Hans have been illuminating.  I was new to breathwork when I came to Hans, and each experience has been a profound journey.  Hans's gentle spirit and knowledge of the subject make sessions with him both informative and impactful.  He creates an easy, safe space in which to be with yourself and your breath, to surrender to the experience, and to embrace what it offers. My time with Hans has been an integral part of my larger healing and restorative work and practices and I look forward to more of it in the future.


        Sonny Haynes

      • Doing breathwork with Hans has supported me in shifting my mindset and transforming my relationship with my body. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder for over a decade, the breathwork has played an instrumental role in rewiring my brain, reconnecting me to my body, and returning to self-love. In breathwork sessions, I've experienced blissful vibrations throughout my body and a lightness of being that transcends language. Breathwork is and will continue to be an essential element on my healing journey.

        Betsy Bertram

      • Hans was an excellent guide throughout my breathwork experience. He not only provided an open, gentle, and nonjudgmental presence during the session, but he also supported me in the days leading up to the session and after the session.

        He answered any questions I had, helped me with anything coming up prior to the experience, and most importantly guided me through how to integrate the experience.

        To me, the best part of the breathwork experience with Hans was that he made me feel safe during the session—safe to explore my feelings and emotions and safe to express whatever my body was needing to express via vocalization, movement, and even yelling.

        Thank you, Hans, for all of this and for choosing to follow your heart to help others heal with this modality!

        Justin Mihkelson

      • I’ve had the most wonderful experience being guided by Hans through his unique blend of style and method of this practice.

        His calm energy and gentle guidance allowed for an immediate connection and trust that enabled me to drop in really deep into communion with my subconscious.

        I’m not a novice at any rate and have been practicing a variety of breathwork methods and styles before, and would definitely recommend working with Hans.

        Aleksander Brankov

      • Before Pneumorphosis, I had never tried breathwork. I assumed it would be a guided mediation with a lot of breathing. I had no expectations and wanted to support a new small local business. ( my support was showing up - the classes I have attended are all free ones that are offered ) I had no clue how wrong my assumption was, and how it would change my life. 

        Pneumorphosis provided me with the tools I needed to give myself permission to heal, to feel , to be my true self. I would say I felt re-connected to myself, but in reality I felt MORE connected to who I am than ever before. I had never felt this in tune with my entire being. There is such a powerful-ness.. it’s hard to describe. You have to experience it. It’s mental it’s emotional it’s physical ( yes physical! )

        The things I have felt and experienced through Pneumorphosis resonate so deeply that I feel the effects long after a session. During any down days or moments,  I can reflect into that energy, that space and that feeling. I find so much comfort and strength knowing that I already have that within me. 

        Our bodies and our minds are capable of such mind blowing and magical things. Sometimes the universe sends us people like Hans to help guide us. Thank you Hans. For everything. 

        Kelly Mace

      • Hans facilitated a powerful breathwork session for me. He held a safe and intimate space where I was able to dive deep into my psyche, move a lot of energy and come into a state of deep peace and presence. The journey was absolutely magical and I was blown away by how deep I was able to journey within myself and the clarity and energy that I achieved as a result! Hans is a gifted facilitator and I would highly recommend experiencing a ceremony with him.

        Nikhil Kale

      • I had a beautiful experience breathing with Hans. His peaceful, compassionate heart and presence made it easy to feel safe. He held a  sacred space for me to be able to drop in and access great insights for my healing process. I felt seen, heard,  and cared for.  Thank you Hans!! Also the music was divine!

        Amy Rutledge - USA

      • Breathwork sessions with Hans are a gentle, yet powerful way of releasing tension and pent-up frustration in the body. Hans’ warm and calming voice coupled with carefully selected playlists guides one into a deep inner journey during which intense shifts take place. I always feel a sense of pure gratitude, bliss, and peace after a breathwork session. I highly recommend Hans as a guide on your journey of self-discovery.

        Verona Duwarkah - South Africa

      • This was my first experience with Neurodynamic Breathwork, and it was fantastic. Hans did an excellent job explaining the process beforehand as well as help with integration afterward. I highly recommend Hans and look forward to doing another  session!"  

        Joel Derrick

      • I had the privilege of a one on one breath session with Hans where he guided me through a journey using neurodynamic breathwork. I use breathwork regularly as a tool for health and personal transformation but this journey took me deeper than I had ever been. Hans was a wonderful guide. He is knowledgeable and has a calming presence that makes him a perfect guide. Highly recommended!

        Craig - Internationally Acclaimed Artist and Composer