Online group sessions are a powerful way to experience breathwork as you journey and connect with like-minded people whilst you also learn from their experiences


When breathing together in a group, there is a powerful energy field available to all the breathers. This can be extremely beneficial during breathwork when we feel stuck or need extra support


After each breathwork session there is a sharing circle. Reflecting on the experience and listening to other people’s shares helps you understand and integrate your experience.

Cost effective

Breathing together in a group is the most affordable way to experience breathwork. A monthly membership allows you to experience breathwork on a regular schedule and get into a consistent practice. 



Have you ever wondered who you really are, beneath all the stories society tells you, the stories you tell yourself and beneath the masks you put on to hide behind? This has caused a certain amount of confusion and prevents you from seeing clearly what you want. It’s sometimes easy to see what we don’t want, yet it can be extremely challenging to know what we want if we are not aligned with our true self and purpose in life.

At the same time you feel disconnected from society and have no one to talk to. There is no one present in your life to share what you are experiencing. A lack of understanding from people in your life keeps you from hiding behind the facade, the false self that you play to fit in. 

We tell ourselves that what we want is not possible, it’s just a dream, a fantasy. We don’t allow ourselves to have and achieve what we want. We don’t feel worthy to receive and believe only the really talented, fortunate and hard working geniuses can have the abundance we long for.

Through these old narratives, we fall into a victim mentality. We start blaming others for our failures and suffering, employ distraction techniques, seek communities as an escape mechanism, and compensate with drugs, consumption, and eventually fall into a depression and anxiety.

Our brains like drama, it gives us a certain identity and the ego starts blooming. Identifying with the victim we start letting our anger and rage out on others, deteriorating our relationships and pushing those who mean only the best for us even further away.

One day, something shifts in us and suddenly we see more beauty and feel connected to love. We realize there is so much more than we can see with the eyes and what we believe is true. We become curious and start searching. With the new perspective on life, all the distractions that hold us back lose importance and finding our own truth becomes the main focus in life.

Relationships start improving, the money and status that we were chasing completely loses any importance and we are ready to make a lasting change. We start getting a faint idea of what we want, yet the clarity is missing. We have absolutely no idea how to get there and make it a reality.



You know exactly what you want and where you want to be 10 years from now. The struggle is you never gave yourself permission because you believe it is not possible. Because of your ignorance of who you are.

Regular breathwork helps you let go of layers that hide your truest essence. Old traumas and limiting beliefs will be released and new thinking patterns become available. By trusting in the process and your inner wisdom, you learn to let go and   surrender. You stop resisting and follow the flow of life. You face the fear that prevents you from stepping out of the comfort zone. Possibilities will open up, and you learn to trust in yourself and your abilities. The mind fog, created by the distracting chatter of the ego mind, will make room for crystalline clarity. The path starts unfolding and as you take one step at a time towards your goal, you will finally give yourself permission to step into your sovereignty and create the life you deserve. You allow yourself to break the chains holding you down and you become free.  Abundance is not a far away dream anymore, a fantasy or something that will be achieved in the future.

Connecting with a diverse group of like minded people who are going through a similar process gives you strength and helps you trust and validate your experience. During sharing circles you have the opportunity to express openly what is coming up. Listen to vulnerable shares of others helps you understand your own process and you can learn from their strength and courage. 

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can , begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-


Once a week we hold online group breathwork sessions. Monthly memberships are available or sessions can be purchased as needed. Preparation and integration are just as important as the breathwork itself. Breathers receive the benefit of the groups’ energy and ongoing support through the community.

Powerful breathwork session

Users will receive a 30 minute introduction talk about the principles of breathwork and how to get the most out of it, followed by a 60 minute breathing session with a carefully crafted soundtrack.


There will be a sharing circle after each breathwork session. The sharing circles are extremely powerful and just as important as the breathwork session itself. We get the chance to verbalize our experience, be vulnerable and learn from the experience of others


A diverse community  allows you to connect with like minded people, people who have gone through similar experiences and are walking a similar path. You will feel less alone in your journey, receive validation for your experiences and are able to talk openly about what is going on. 


Monthly subscribers receive weekly WhatsApp/Telegram support and may be offered a coaching call if a need arises.


Through a combination of deep inner work in expanded states of consciousness, regularly reflecting on your current challenges, sharing your experience, a support that holds you accountable and pushes your borders. 


Breathwork supports deep inner work through expanded states of consciousness. In these states you are able to quiet your ego mind, and bring unconscious blocks to the surface. With a quiet mind we are able to access our inner wisdom, learn to listen to our intuition and overcome limitations. We learn to listen and follow our heart in order to fulfill our souls’ calling. 


Support and accountability is powerful and essential for growth, help you step out of your comfort zone and learn. We all need help and can benefit from the experience and strength of others. To change and prevent us from falling back into old habits it is important to do what we say. Whenever we don’t follow through with our good intentions, our brain gets used to that and we are not able to create lasting change. Therefore, someone to hold us accountable, is of major importance to support this deep inner work and accelerate growth. Only by constantly challenging our borders and stepping out of the comfort zone is real growth possible 


Sharing our experience helps us verbalize what we learn and deepen the message. We get a better understanding and are able to bring breathwork back to our day-to-day lives. Breathwork is life, and only if we understand the  



Group breathwork journeys allow you to access deep states of consciousness for those who would like a taste of this powerful modality and gives you an opportunity to become familiar with the transformative power of the breath.  


Breathwork Series

A Breathwork Series gives you the opportunity to experience breathwork on a regular schedule and consistently work on uncovering all the layers preventing you from stepping into your own power.



What is breathwork ?

Breathwork is a modality, used for deep inner exploration, personal growth, healing and discovering our true potential. Through breathwork we can bring more awareness and presence into our lives by expanding our consciousness and learn more about our unconscious thinking patterns that hold us back.  In a way it is similar to meditation, but results can be achieved much more quickly.

Is breathwork safe?

Breathwork is safe, but there are certain medical conditions for which it is not considered safe to participate. These are the following:


  • Pregnancy
  • High blood pressure that is not controlled with medication
  • Cardiovascular diseases, prior hear attack, history of strokes or aneurysm
  • Epilepsy or seizures
  • If you are taking blood thinning medications
  • Osteoporosis
  • Detached retina
  • Glaucoma
  • Bipolar disorder or Schizophrenia 
  • PTSD you might experience old trauma which can be highly valuable, but only with the appropriate support
  • Asthma, you can breath but need to have an inhaler with you
  • Recent surgery that has not fully healed 
  • Prior physical injuries that are not fully healed and could be re-injured through intense movement.
  • Any other medical, psychiatric or physical conditions which would impair or affect ability to engage in activities involving intense physical and/or emotional release.
How often should I participate in breathwork?

There is no right or wrong answer. Everybody is different and it depends on personal preference. Some people like to participate weekly, others biweekly or more often. Regular sessions create a stronger bond with the self and help bring breathwork into our daily lives. For the greatest benefits it is advisable to fully integrate the experience before participating in another session.

How do online workshops work?

The online breathwork sessions are conducted via the Zoom app. Allow about 2 hours for a breathwork session. I will start with a 20-30 minutes introduction talk where I will be explaining the theory and principles of NDB breathwork, explain the breathing technique, give you some suggestions, and  talk about what kind of experience you may have. After the introduction talk, I am open to any questions that may arise. Then, there will be a couple minutes break to use the bathroom, set up the space and get in a comfortable position for the actual breathwork. I will then guide you into the breath followed by a 60 minute soundtrack. After the actual breathwork journey, there is time to share the experience in the sharing circle.

Do I need to prepare for a breathwork session?

You need a quiet, undisturbed space where you can lay down or sit in a comfortable chair. Pillows and blankets are good to have around to keep you warm and safe.  It is advised not to have a big meal prior to a breathwork session as a full belly makes diaphragmatic breathing difficult and your body needs energy to digest the food. You want a dark room or wear an eye mask, the whole experience is a closed eye experience.

Preparing yourself mentally is just as important as it is to prepare your space. Journaling is highly recommended and encouraged.

What are the benefits from breathwork?

Participants report:

  • Reduced stress
  • More energy
  • Enhanced mood
  • Better sleep
  • More self awareness
  • Higher self confidence 
  • Trust in intuition
  • Deeper connection with nature
  • More clarity their purpose
  • Relief from anxiety and depression


  • My breathwork sessions with Hans have been illuminating.  I was new to breathwork when I came to Hans, and each experience has been a profound journey.  Hans's gentle spirit and knowledge of the subject make sessions with him both informative and impactful.  He creates an easy, safe space in which to be with yourself and your breath, to surrender to the experience, and to embrace what it offers. My time with Hans has been an integral part of my larger healing and restorative work and practices and I look forward to more of it in the future.


    Sonny Haynes

  • Doing breathwork with Hans has supported me in shifting my mindset and transforming my relationship with my body. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder for over a decade, the breathwork has played an instrumental role in rewiring my brain, reconnecting me to my body, and returning to self-love. In breathwork sessions, I've experienced blissful vibrations throughout my body and a lightness of being that transcends language. Breathwork is and will continue to be an essential element on my healing journey.

    Betsy Bertram

  • Hans was an excellent guide throughout my breathwork experience. He not only provided an open, gentle, and nonjudgmental presence during the session, but he also supported me in the days leading up to the session and after the session.

    He answered any questions I had, helped me with anything coming up prior to the experience, and most importantly guided me through how to integrate the experience.

    To me, the best part of the breathwork experience with Hans was that he made me feel safe during the session—safe to explore my feelings and emotions and safe to express whatever my body was needing to express via vocalization, movement, and even yelling.

    Thank you, Hans, for all of this and for choosing to follow your heart to help others heal with this modality!

    Justin Mihkelson

  • I’ve had the most wonderful experience being guided by Hans through his unique blend of style and method of this practice.

    His calm energy and gentle guidance allowed for an immediate connection and trust that enabled me to drop in really deep into communion with my subconscious.

    I’m not a novice at any rate and have been practicing a variety of breathwork methods and styles before, and would definitely recommend working with Hans.

    Aleksander Brankov

  • Before Pneumorphosis, I had never tried breathwork. I assumed it would be a guided mediation with a lot of breathing. I had no expectations and wanted to support a new small local business. ( my support was showing up - the classes I have attended are all free ones that are offered ) I had no clue how wrong my assumption was, and how it would change my life. 

    Pneumorphosis provided me with the tools I needed to give myself permission to heal, to feel , to be my true self. I would say I felt re-connected to myself, but in reality I felt MORE connected to who I am than ever before. I had never felt this in tune with my entire being. There is such a powerful-ness.. it’s hard to describe. You have to experience it. It’s mental it’s emotional it’s physical ( yes physical! )

    The things I have felt and experienced through Pneumorphosis resonate so deeply that I feel the effects long after a session. During any down days or moments,  I can reflect into that energy, that space and that feeling. I find so much comfort and strength knowing that I already have that within me. 

    Our bodies and our minds are capable of such mind blowing and magical things. Sometimes the universe sends us people like Hans to help guide us. Thank you Hans. For everything. 

    Kelly Mace

  • Hans facilitated a powerful breathwork session for me. He held a safe and intimate space where I was able to dive deep into my psyche, move a lot of energy and come into a state of deep peace and presence. The journey was absolutely magical and I was blown away by how deep I was able to journey within myself and the clarity and energy that I achieved as a result! Hans is a gifted facilitator and I would highly recommend experiencing a ceremony with him.

    Nikhil Kale

  • I had a beautiful experience breathing with Hans. His peaceful, compassionate heart and presence made it easy to feel safe. He held a  sacred space for me to be able to drop in and access great insights for my healing process. I felt seen, heard,  and cared for.  Thank you Hans!! Also the music was divine!

    Amy Rutledge - USA

  • Breathwork sessions with Hans are a gentle, yet powerful way of releasing tension and pent-up frustration in the body. Hans’ warm and calming voice coupled with carefully selected playlists guides one into a deep inner journey during which intense shifts take place. I always feel a sense of pure gratitude, bliss, and peace after a breathwork session. I highly recommend Hans as a guide on your journey of self-discovery.

    Verona Duwarkah - South Africa

  • This was my first experience with Neurodynamic Breathwork, and it was fantastic. Hans did an excellent job explaining the process beforehand as well as help with integration afterward. I highly recommend Hans and look forward to doing another  session!"  

    Joel Derrick

  • I had the privilege of a one on one breath session with Hans where he guided me through a journey using neurodynamic breathwork. I use breathwork regularly as a tool for health and personal transformation but this journey took me deeper than I had ever been. Hans was a wonderful guide. He is knowledgeable and has a calming presence that makes him a perfect guide. Highly recommended!

    Craig - Internationally Acclaimed Artist and Composer